About us

We work for the benefit of the city and each person individually; Health and safety are top priorities. The result of our work provides an opportunity to preserve the health of thousands of people, prevent the development of diseases and viruses, stop the spread of harmful substances, and manipulate harmful effects. A blood test can be considered the most complete, reliable and fast method for diagnosing most diseases.

Our Laboratory offers more than 250 types of analyzes, traditional research methods (clinical and biochemistry) and modern (ELISA and PCR). Analyzes are carried out on the equipment of companies of world scale: Apel (Japan), StatFax (USA), Mindray (USA), Urit (China), WestMedica (Austria), DNA - technology (Russia), Lan Systems (Russia), Gentechnology (Russia) . We always strive to progress in our methods and to keep up with the times. Laboratory Express Plus pays great attention to the quality of reagents, it affects the accuracy of analyzes. We use reagents: Dialab (Austria), Cormay (Poland), ImDi (Russia), Hema (Russia), DNA - technology (Russia), Gen-technology (Russia).

The laboratory “Express Plus” participates in the international system of external quality assessment of laboratory research. We pay special attention to the quality of our analyzes, monitoring and analyzing all stages of laboratory research - preanalytical (preparation for research, sampling and transportation of material), analytical (research), postanalytical (issue and evaluation of research results).

RIQAS is today one of the most authoritative and well-known international external quality assessment programs. It was developed and introduced in 1990. More than 28000 laboratories from 105 countries of the world participate in RIQAS programs. The statistical accuracy of the analysis is provided by a large number of program participants. RIQAS covers almost all currently used analysis methods and reagent brands. The external quality assessment system RIQAS is accredited by most reputable international organizations, including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, UK National Quality Assurance Advisory Group (NQAAP), United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

The creation of the Laboratory "Express Plus" has been calculated since 2001, when simple laboratory tests were conducted to determine the STI in a small private office at the RCUA. Further, the office “grew out” in Avitsenna MC, located at Suerkulov Street 3a, where, with the expansion, the need arose for the development of a multi-disciplinary laboratory. Currently, the laboratory operates under the license of the Ministry of Health of the MH KR ChMP # 2033, is accredited and recognized as a first class laboratory.