International Day of DNA

International Day of DNA

On April 25, the Day of the “immortal historian” - DNA macromolecules - is celebrated around the world. Thanks to the discovery of this carrier of genetic information, medicine has made a huge step in the treatment of numerous diseases. This progress has saved millions of lives. Historical note: DNA as a chemical compound was isolated in 1868 from residues cells contained in pus. The biological function of the newly discovered substance was unclear. Gradually, it was proved that DNA, and not proteins, as was previously thought, is the carrier of genetic information. Up to the 50s of the 20th century, the exact structure of DNA, as well as the method of transmitting hereditary information, remained unknown.

With the disclosure of DNA values, genome research is becoming increasingly popular. Modern diagnostic methods allow to answer the question - how to determine the sex of a child by blood in the earliest terms. The network of laboratories Express Plus congratulates all Kyrgyzstanis on International DNA Day, and offers you the clinically tested and implemented in the practice of laboratory research methods for determining the sex of a child from the 10th week of pregnancy. These tests embody the advanced technology for determining the genome of the fetus through the biological material of the mother.

Analysis cost:

5 500 KGS (by blood from a vein) accuracy> 90%

4 500 catfish (urine) accuracy> 80%

The result is issued on the day after the analysis!

The analysis is completely safe for mother and fetus!

The study is recommended on an empty stomach. There must be at least 8 hours between the last meal and the taking of blood. On the eve of the tests it is necessary to exclude abundant, fatty, sweet food. One day before blood donation, it is desirable to avoid physical exertion and significant changes in nutrition and mode of the day. Blood counts can vary significantly during the day, so we recommend taking the test in the morning.