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Spermogram and MAR test

Spermogram and MAR test

Spermogram and MAR test - quantitative and qualitative analysis of sperm. This is one of the main analyzes that allows you to assess the ability of a man to conceive a child.Sperm is the secret of the genital glands (prostate, seminal vesicles), in which spermatozoa are located. The spermogram takes into account the physical parameters: the volume of sperm, its color, viscosity, pH; the number and motility of spermatozoa, the content of other cells, etc. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to make an assumption about male infertility, diseases of the reproductive organs, possible infections. The MAR test (MAP test) can reveal the immunological factor of infertility. This is an analysis for the presence of antisperm antibodies on spermatozoa. For the study of reproductive function, the MAR test is carried out simultaneously with the study of the ejaculate (spermogram).

The MAR test is a method for determining infertility by laboratory examination of sperm or serum and calculating the percentage of active sperm in the antisperm membrane of their total number. According to the results of spermograms, all spermatozoa are regarded as absolutely normal, therefore only with the help of the MAR test can the percentage of those who are not capable of fertilization be calculated.

Indications for:
✔ male infertility with normal sperm results;
✔ preparation for IVF, ICSI or artificial insemination;
✔ deterioration of spermograms, among which are aggregation and agglutination of germ cells, as well as a decrease in their mobility and viability;
✔ pregnancy planning.
What causes autoimmune infertility in men?
Most often, autoimmune infertility, that is, the production of antibodies to one's own sperm, is the result of chronic diseases, surgical interventions, scrotal injuries or inflammatory processes

How is the MAR test taken?
There are two types of test - direct and indirect. The first is carried out with seminal fluid, the second - with blood plasma (ELISA). The study is based on the counting of spermatozoa coated with immune balls, and the calculation of their percentage to the total number. The location of the balls, which may be on the head, neck or tail, is also determined.

Preparation for the MAR-test
When taking venous blood for several days before the procedure, it is necessary to abstain from alcohol, and when taking sperm - from smoking, spicy and fatty foods, overheating in the sauna and sexual intercourse.

Interpretation of the results of the MAR test
If active motility spermatozoa coated with antisperm antibodies are more than 50%, then the MAR test is considered positive. This is the conditional criterion of infertility in men. The norm is a value below 0 to 50%.

Normal spermogram
✔ Color is milky white, with streaks
✔ Quantity in 1 ml - 60-120 million
✔ Volume 2.5 ml
✔ Viscosity 0.1-0.5 cm
✔ Smell specific (chestnut colors)
✔ PH- 7.2-7.6
✔ Total number - more than 150